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RamRod is a new and innovative hammer action tool developed by Invention Services.

It is a multipurpose tool with a range of interchangeable heads.

It can be used for:

- removing tiles from floors or walls

- breaking blocks

- scraping ice

- cutting tar/asphalt

- edging gardens

- anything that requires Impact!

Basically anything you would use a kango hammer, a pickaxe, hammer and chisel or a spade, you can now use a RamRod.

'Ram' stands for 'Return Action Mechanism' which is our patented spring technology which makes the RamRod  both user friendly and enables it deliver the impact.

The RamRod does not use electricity, air compression or hydraulics, so can be used in any situation – building sites, farms, mines, gardens, anywhere - without plugs, extensions or compressors.

Its safe to use as hands are kept clear of the strike zone at all times and the operators face is also clear from any flying debris.

If you'd like to buy one, click here!

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